Spider Facade Difference From Other Exterior Systems

Due to the complex structure of the bar façades and the panel façades, such façades are regarded as a logical product. This system is preferred when more transparency is requested in the architecture. Especially, it can be applied at the entrances of the buildings and when it is required to pass wide openings transparently.

Such systems are economically quite expensive to other derivatives. In these constructions, the glass sizes are limited. Glass plates must be connected to a load bearing structure. Connections must allow tolerances and movements.

Spider Façade System from Other Systems
The most important feature of this system is the use of construction elements made of different materials instead of aluminum as a carrier in this system. As the main carrier, stainless steel painted steel bearings, stainless steel brackets or special bearing glass blocks can be used. Depending on the system, one glass or warm glass application can be done. You can visit our products page to examine our other exterior systems.

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