Every Direction Aluminum

Approximately 8.25% of the earth’s crust in our world occupies the aluminum element. It is the third most commonly found element after Oxygen and Silicon in the earth,
most common metal.

The aluminum element is in nature; It is found as BOXITE ore. This ore, which resembles a reddish brown, is first processed as Aluminum and then as Aluminum after being extracted from the soil. The BOXIT ore reservoir in our world is about 28 billion Tonduras. Each year an average of 200 million tons of aluminum is used for the bauxite ore. It is possible to say that in this light of the world our world is as much as 140 years more organs.

Aluminum stock can be recycled many times without losing any property at the Recovery Point. The recycling energy cost saves around 80-85%. The loss of recycling is also so small. (5% – 10%) The average 30% -33% of the aluminum used in production in 2015 is obtained from Recycled Aluminum. 90% less energy is used in recovery of aluminum than in primary aluminum. Thanks to the recycling of aluminum, 84 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year are prevented.

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