Benefits of Exterior Wall Coating

Exterior façade systems offer a number of advantages as well as an impressive view of the structures they are applied to. Increasing its economic value is only one of its greatest advantages.

Advantages of Exterior Wall Coating

  • It is environmentally friendly
  • aesthetics are
  • A very stylish and impressive image emerges.
  • transparent
  • it is functional
  • Implementation is simple compared to other systems.
  • It is light. Reduces building load.
  • Increases the domestic use area when applied instead of concrete walls.
  • In addition to providing the advantage of volume, it creates a very spacious image inside the interior
  • Heat and sound insulation is extremely strong.
  • It saves energy.
  • It increases the economic value of the structures that are implemented.
  • It makes it more valuable because it provides a corporate and prestigious image.
  • Depending on the material used, recycling is much faster.

Types of Exterior Façade Coatings

  • Structural Silicone Facade
  • Classic Covered Facade
  • Half Covered Facade
  • Transparent Facade
  • Lightness / Skylight Systems
  • Composite panel
  • Aluminum Door Window
  • Compact Laminate
  • Fibercement

You can request more detailed information by calling us about all the exterior systems we have written above, and you can get help with the most suitable projecting you need.

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